Aurora Guardian Fairy Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Aurora Guardian Fairy an exclusive at Pianeta Beads.

Last week saw the release of the latest Aurora Charm exclusive at Pianeta Beads and continues with their popular fantasy theme. The Aurora Guardian Fairy is limited to only three-hundred (300) pieces and each comes with a certificate of authenticity and the number of your bead.

Guardian Fairy is similar to the popular Fairy of Unicorns which is sold out and is coveted by many collectors. I think those who love the Fairy of Unicorns will love the new Guardian Fairy with it’s fairy and dragon design.

Both Dragons and Fairies are popular mythical creatures and you can find them both in folklore around the world. I can see why both would be depicted in stories as they tend to draw us in with our own imagination.

Aurora Guardian Fairy is a Stunning high polished sterling silver Dragon curled in a sitting position next to a little fairy with his tail wrapped around her. His wings are large and beautiful. The details are nicely done. In the photos below I’ve placed the beads in a white out box to try and keep reflections down, so that you can see the bead itself, doing so gives it a bit of a matte look, but please note, it is reflective with a beautiful high polish. This bead sits at 17.75 mm high x 20.97 mm wide, so, as you can see this is not a small bead. It is a nice focal. Guardian Fairy retails for €61.43, excluding vat taxes.

I’m including a quick video of the Guardian Fairy under normal indoor lighting. It’s been raining a lot, so I haven’t had a chance to get a video outside with good lighting. But, I think you can see all the beautiful detailing.

Now for the fun! I’ve created a few different compositions with a fantasy theme, which is always fun.

In this first composition I decided to continue with the Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit theme that many of the Pianeta Beads exclusives have been inspired by.

In this photo you can see all the beads better. Starting at the beautiful 4 Unique Dragon Lock and going clock wise > I have used Trollbeads Amber, OHM Monkey Fist, Aurora Dragonheart (Pianeta Beads exclusive), Trollbeads Feldspar Quartz Rock, Aurora Guardian Fairy (Pianeta Beads Exclusive), Trollbeads Calcite Rock, Aurora The Grey (Pianeta Beads Exclusive), Trollbeads Calcite Rock, Aurora Hobbit Tavern (Pianeta Beads Exclusive), Trollbeads Dalmatian Jasper, Aurora The Hobbit (Pianeta Beads Exclusive), Trollbeads Brown/yellow Chalcedony, OHM Lantern, and Trollbeads Amber.

Fairies, dragons and unicorns what could be better? In this whimsical composition I went with all Elfbeads in shades of pink and purple to set the field for these cute silvers to play. Starting at the Rose Quartz Niwabeads Sunflower lock and going clock wise > the silvers used are Aurora Moon Garden (Pianeta Beads Exclusive), Aurora Magic Cottage (Pianeta Beads Exclusive), Aurora Together Forever, Aurora Guardian Fairy (Pianeta Beads Exclusive), Aurora Fairy of Unicorns (Pianeta Beads Exclusive), Aurora Enchanted Cottage, and Aurora Dragonheart (pianeta Beads Exclusive).

Of course, we needed a dragons, fairies and unicorns bangle. I’ve mixed some bright and fun Elfbeads with Aurora Together Forever, Aurora Fairy of Unicorns (Pianeta Beads Exclusive), Aurora Guardian Fairy (Pianeta Beads Exclusive), and Aurora Dragonheart (Pianeta Beads Exclusive).

Magic is in the air tonight with this fun bangle. Silvers are the Aurora The Grey and Aurora Guardian Fairy, both are exclusives at Pianeta Beads. Glass beads are beautiful Elfbeads.

Overall, this is an adorable bead that is a must have for anyone who loves fantasy beads, especially dragons and fairies. There are so many different compositions this beautiful bead would work in. Let your imagination run wild to create the perfect fantasy bracelet!

Aurora Guardian Fairy is limited and only available at Pianeta Beads. This store has fantastic customer service with vat free shopping for those outside of Europe and of course, they offer free shipping within Europe. You can find their site on the link below.

Pianeta Beads – ships world-wide from Italy.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on the Guardian Fairy from Aurora? Have you ordered this bead? Leave me a comment below ❤



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