PHYA Jewelry Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of PHYA Jewelry.

Finally, able to share this review with you all of some of the beautiful pieces of PHYA that I brought home with me from Thailand.  I fell in love with PHYA Bangles, Spacers, stoppers and stones, some of which you will see here today. All PHYA is made of sterling silver that is plated in white, yellow and rose gold to give their product a lasting luster. One of the things I love about PHYA is they back their product with a two-year warranty.

PHYA Olimpic Crown are beautiful end cap designs that fit perfectly next to a stone or glass bead. Each is made of sterling silver and is plated in white, yellow or rose gold as seen below. This bead is sold as a pair and each crown measures approximately 11.92 mm high x 4.90 mm wide and retails for $33, per pair.

PHYA Dokrak is a beautiful crown flower. I really love this design and it looks exactly like the flower. This bead is made of sterling silver and comes in white, yellow and gold finish. Dokrak measures approximately 10.05 mm high x 9.95 mm wide and retails for $31, each.

PHYA Bubha Stoppers are a pretty flower shape stopper that is made of sterling silver and plated in white, yellow or rose gold. This bead measures approximately 9.92 mm high x 2.96 mm wide and retails $37 per pair.

PHYA Rose of Venus is a stunning pair of stoppers with roses and leaves all the way around. Each are made of sterling silver, plated in either white, yellow or rose gold and measure approximately 10.58 mm high x 6.33 mm wide. Rose of Venus retail for $40, for the pair.

PHYA Star Stopper are a cool abstract design perfect for any composition. I find that I use these quite a bit as they don’t stick out so much and are perfect for when I want to use less prominent stopper. This stopper is made of sterling silver and comes plated in white, yellow or rose gold. Each Star Stopper measures approximately 9 mm high x 4.46 mm wide. Star Stoppers retail for $30, for the pair.

One of the many things I loved about visiting PHYA while in Thailand is their selection of stones. This is ever changing with PHYA as they are continuously getting in new stones in different colors, cuts and all have sterling silver caps that are plated in either white, yellow or rose gold. Below you will find a nice sampling of what PHYA has to offer. Please note, that all are not available on their website, if you would like to know what stones they currently have in stock, please send them an email or message on social media.

Rose Quartz – Seen here are two different cuts with rose gold caps. I really love how well the rose gold goes with the pink of the stones.

Smokey Quartz, – seen below with yellow gold caps. The color in this stone is rich and beautiful.

Dark Aventurine – is a stunning deep green with gold caps. I find that the gold really makes this green pop!

Hematite – this is such a fun cut and rather easy stone to combine. PHYA carries Hematite in different cuts and caps.

PHYA Twisted Bangles are beautiful and comfortable. Each are made of sterling silver and are plated in your choice of white, yellow or rose gold. See size chart below for sizes. Twisted Bangles retail for $58 each which is an amazing price.

Size Chart courtesy of PHYA.

And now for the showstoppers, my favorite from this article are these beautiful stoppers! You will find that PHYA offers a beautiful variety of Stoppers.

PHYA Dragonfly Stopper Is a beautiful flower with a dragonfly resting on the side. Below you will find a ring with a nice tight stopper to keep your design in place. This stopper comes in a variety of color combinations of white, gold and rose gold. Each measure approximately 14.25 mm high x 14.93 mm wide. Dragonfly Stopper retails for $30, each.

Now I’ve mixed all these beautiful beads together to show how they each look in compositions. I have only used PHYA in this article, but you can see this brand mixed with other brands on my social media as I’ve been wearing them quite a bit, not only because I love them but also so that I can give an honest review here on the blog.

Overall, PHYA is a beautiful feminine brand that offers a wide variety in white, yellow and rose gold-plated beads and jewelry. The price point for this brand is fantastic! Note, that the stoppers fit nice and tight, but you will need to take care when putting them on so that the rubber insert doesn’t pop out.

If you would like to browse PHYA or shop for any of the jewelry featured here you may do so at the following link.

PHYA Jewelry – ships from Thailand

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on PHYA, so leave me a comment below ❤





4 responses to “PHYA Jewelry Review

  1. Hi! Lovely brand, I have a doubt, I still don’t have any bangle of any beads brand, only regular bracelets that with claps measures 20cm.
    That means that on a bangle I should take also a 20cm bangle or should take a smaller size?
    Thanks in advance for your comments! 😊


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