Trollbeads Harmony Harvest Release and review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of select beads from the Trollbeads Harmony Harvest Collection.

Thursday saw the release of Trollbeads latest release Harmony Harvest! Due to Covid today I will only be reviewing what Trollbeads considers their “heroes” of this collection.

In the collection there are two new glass kits, a new porcelain kit, six new silver beads, three new spacers, two stones, three locks, and a new fantasy necklace. Out of this new release I will be reviewing the joyful Friend, Pastel Flower Decor, Spicy Chili, Juicy Grapes, Playful Cat, Buzzing Family, and Buzzing Lock.

Though, I’m not reviewing the whole collection there are quite a few beads that I find as stars of this release and worth taking a look at and I thought I’d share those with you, as well. My personal picks are the On Top bead, this would be the perfect bead in pairs hugging and framing the new beautiful Red Jasper stone on a bangle with the new Mandela Spacers. The new fantasy necklace is also a favorite from this release as it has a beautiful unique shape ruby that dangles from the bottom. Out of the glass kits my favorite would have to be the Companion Kit, I adore the floral and leaf designs in this kit and of course, the little critter is just too cute. I am intrigued by the Bird of Calm and Lizard Spacer and would love to see these in person.

Last year we saw the release of the very first porcelain beads to be created by Trollbeads with the release of Brush of Blue Kit in celebration of Trollbeads Day (Brush of Blue review – here). So, it is nice to see Trollbeads spreading out into different mediums and introducing their second kit made of hand-painted porcelain. In this kit of six beads you will find a nice mix of vegetables and fruits that would make a cute and fun harvest bracelet. For Autumn my personal picks would be the wheat Giving Seed and the Hearty Pumpkin. I love that each of these beads have a cute little critter on the back.

Trollbeads Pastel Flower Decor has a white base with wine colored stripes encased in clear glass, on the surface you will find very light pastel yellow flowers with a orange yellow mix center and glitter leaves. This design continues all the way around the bead. This bead is an average size of around 14 mm high x 7 mm wide. I will be quite honest when this bead arrived it wasn’t my favorite, the details are really light on the clear glass and I didn’t notice the glitter leaves until after I took the photos with the Canon Macros lens. As you can see in the photo looking at it up-close it’s much more attractive, for this reason you may want to choose this bead in person. Another note worth mentioning is if you are like me and love to match colors the yellow may be difficult to match; however, the wine color stripes will work well with uniques Trollbeads has produced over the years and I found this a pleasant surprise. Pastel Flower Decor is part of the Harvest Kit and retails for $50, kit retails for $248.

Trollbeads Joyful Friend is rather adorable with autumn shades of orange leave-like designs floating in clear glass, on the top layer are three black and white critters that remind me of a fox, though I’ve read where some think of this cute guy as a badger. This bead runs an average size of 14 mm high x 8 mm wide. I highly recommend getting the whole kit as there is just so much to love here. Joyful Friend is part of the Companion Kit and retails individually for $50 or as a Kit for $248.

Trollbeads Juicy Grapes is created with white porcelain and each bead has hand painted grapes and leaves on one side and a cute little critter on the other. This bead is perfect in a wine bracelet theme or with the other beads in this kit in a harvest bracelet design. The average size of each bead is around 15 mm high x 7 mm wide. Juicy Grapes retails for $61.

Trollbeads Spicy Chili is hot, hot, hot! This bead is made of white porcelain and has hand-painted hanging chili peppers and on the other side is a moth-like critter. I think this bead would be nice in any kitchen designs, south-west composition or even a spicy love creation. My grandmother always had dried chili peppers hanging in her kitchen and she would eat these same fresh peppers at every meal. I remember picking them in the garden along with many other vegetables she grew. This bead runs an average size of around 15 mm high x 7 mm wide. Spicy Chili retails for $61.

Trollbeads Playful Cat is a realistic looking sterling silver cat that slides onto a necklace, bangle, or bracelet and can hug a small round stone or pearl or even the silver ball of yarn, which I don’t have. If you are a cat lover, then you may want to add this bead to your collection. From the head to tail this bead measures approximately 23.65 mm x from his back to paws he measures 17.54 mm. Playful Cat retails for $61.

Trollbeads Buzzing Family is a chunky sterling silver bead with three flowers and three large bees. It sits a bit awkward because of the positions of the bees. This bead works well with floral design or a harvest theme and would work in a bee themed bracelet. This bead measures approximately 15.20 mm high x 11.45 mm wide. Buzzing Family retails for $72.

Trollbeads Buzzing Lock is a nice companion for the bead Buzzing Family as they both have the same floral and bee detailing. On the lock you will find a flower on each side with one bee on each flower. This lock measures approximately 23.23 mm long x 11.49 mm wide. Buzzing Lock retails for $72.

In this photo you can see how well the lock and bead match.

So, when I think of spicy, I think of spicy hot love, which inspired this first composition! I’m sure we all like a little spice in our love lives. I’m turning up the heat with Trollbeads Chili Peppers surrounded by Mindful, Leaves of Love, Hearts of Joy, Home, Unique flower, Ball of Hearts, Passion Swirls, Scarlet Diamonds, Inside Love, Red Twinkle, on a Trollbeads Foxtail finished with the Vine of Dreams Lock.

My favorite time of the year is Autumn. I love the crisp smell of fall air, changing colors of the leaves, pumpkin galore, and all that comes with it. I feel most alive and comfortable in the fall months, I just wish they lasted longer. Though, I will say most winters feel like autumn here in the south. In this composition I was inspired by the beautiful art that nature paints for us starting around this time every year. Starting with the new Buzzing Lock at the top, Golden Poppies, Noble Deer, Orange braid unique, Ladybugs, Dream Blossom, Shelter, Unique, Leaves of Grace, Joyful Friend, scarecrow, Birds of Joy, Maple leaves, Unique, Buzzing Family, Golden Foliage, Autumn splendor, Flowers of Passion, Wilderness, and Joy.

If you are a cat person then you will love this bead as it depicts a cat perfectly with it’s long slender body, his paws wrapping around your bracelet like it’s a tree, his face is cute with a more realistic look. Playful cat looks great on a bracelet or bangle by its self, or wrapped around a small stone or pearl like below. Even a small silver bead will work nicely. I am thinking of maybe including this bead in one of my many witch themed bracelets I create each Halloween season. In this composition I was inspired by the love we have for our animals and went with the universal color of love red. Playful Cat is framing a Red Onyx round stone, on a Star Bangle with two red uniques, Heart Spacer, and Connected Love Spacer.

Shades of plum and wine are some of my favorite colors to wear not only during autumn, but winter, too. It’s a beautiful sophisticated color like a nice glass of red wine and who doesn’t enjoy the look and taste of wine? The Trollbeads Pastel Flower Decor wasn’t an easy bead for me as I didn’t have anything to really complement the colors, until I realized that the stripes were indeed a nice shade of wine and would match some of the Uniques I’ve collected in this color over the years. All glass beads are uniques with the exception of Pastel Flower Decor and LE Love Symphony. In Silvers we have the Trollbeads Buzzing Lock, Autumn Splendor, Ladybugs, Bumble Bee, Buzzing Family, Beehive, and Shelter.

I wish I had the old Trollbeads Wine Harvest bead as I think it would complement the Juicy Grapes perfectly! I, however do have several grape beads in other brands that I will attempt a vineyard inspired bracelet soon, but for today I will stick with just Trollbeads. In this composition Juicy Grapes is the focal and is framed by Buzzing family and bumble bee for some much needed pollen, Amethyst which match the purples In Juicy Grapes, on a Trollbeads Star Bangle with Beehive Spacer and Capsule of Life.

Spice of Love – A love that burns deep within your soul. Taste sweet, but with some heat. What is the flavor of your love?

When I see this Spicy Chili bead I can’t help, but to see hot spicy love! So, of course I had to go with another Spicy Love composition, but this time on the Star Bangle with the Heart Spacer, Hearts of Joy, Passion Swirls, Spicy Chili, Heart Ball, Scarlet, inside Love and Connected Love Spacer.

Another cute kitty inspiration with Trollbeads Rose Spacer, Pearls, Playful Cat, Life Circle, and Dancing Butterfly Spacers on the Trollbeads Star Bangle.

All I see is purple, my favorite color! in this composition I went with some of my favorite fall silvers Autumn Splendor, Shelter, Buzzing Family, Ladybugs, Dancing Butterfly, with beautiful shades of purple glass Unique, Song of Love, Nature Friendship, Unique, Juicy Grapes and Violet Stripe on Trollbeads Foxtail, finished with the Buzzing Lock.

In this last composition I wanted to try the Pastel Flower Decor in a more neutral composition with Smokey Quartz and Feldspar Quartz. I continued with a bee theme of Buzzing Family, Bumble Bee, Behive Spacer and Capsule of Life.

I truly hope overall you have enjoyed this review. I do apologize to those who were hoping to see a review of the entire collection and I hope that I can offer more reviews on this release over time and have hopes of being able to offer full reviews again in the future.

If you would like to see the full release or shop Trollbeads you may do so at the following links below. Feel free to email or message the shop if you need help picking out the perfect bead for you.

Trollbeads Authorized Retailers

(Alphabetical Order)

Star Bijou – ships from Germany

Swiss Flower and Gift – ships from the USA

Trollbeads Gallery – ships from the USA

Trollbeads USA – ships only in the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on the beads I reviewed today and what has caught your eye in the new Autumn Collection? Leave me a comment below ❤



3 responses to “Trollbeads Harmony Harvest Release and review

  1. Lovely photos Paula, I really like the combination of beads in the bracelet with the Spicy Chilli bean. I was also pleasantly surprised by the colour of the Pastel Flower Decor, but will have to wait to see it in real life.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, make sure you pick out the pastel Flower in the real life as the details can be hard to see on some, but the wine stripes are nice to play with and work with the wine color beads. Hahaha, the spicy chili , I had to go for love theme.


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