OHM Beads Rawr Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the OHM Beads Rawr Collection.

Today was Release Day and I am sharing my first collection review from this release. Following this review will be the Beauty Collection and Chinese New Year Collection. You can see them all in my video preview (here).

Being a Mother of two boys I have had toy dinosaurs all over my house at some point or another over the years; though they don’t feel good to step on, I have always had fun playing Dino world with them both and I’m just as fascinated by these prehistoric creatures as they are and were.

Whether you love this prehistoric era, maybe you are a Science Teacher, or even a Mother who wants to remember time spent with her kids playing with dinosaurs and watching Jurassic Park and Land Before Time . OHM has created the perfect additions to add to the Rawr Collection and for some of us it means finishing off our bracelets. As for myself I’m still missing a few of the older releases, but with this release my bracelet is full. I may at some point add the earlier pieces if I can find them, just so I can change it up and create a matching bangle or necklace.

OHM Sabertooth Skull is freakin cool! This skull has two long fangs and a open mouth full of teeth. A bracelet or bangle will feed from the back of the head out the mouth between the fangs. You can also wear this bead on the OHM Ball Necklace. Sabertooth Skull retails for $55 / €57 / ฿2,100.

Sadly, my battery is dead in my caliper; however, check back tomorrow and I will add measurements once I have replaced the battery. With Covid stores are now closed this time of the night.

“The Smilodon, more commonly known as the saber-toothed tiger, was a relative late-comer to the prehistoric eras, stalking what is now called the Americas about 10,000 years ago.

More powerfully built than the big cats of today, the Smilodon has exceptionally long upper canine teeth, curved like razor-sharp sabers, which allowed for precision killing. You did not want to meet this kitty in the brush if it was hungry and hunting.

Legends of the saber-tooth describe this predator as “he who brings devastation,” and paleontologists who discovered saber-tooth fossils and skulls dubbed the species as “Felis (cat) fatalis (fatal).” Just look at those jaws.

Add our SABERTOOTH SKULL to the other OHM dinosaur skull beads on your bracelet, but be careful: it bites!” ~ OHM Beads

OHM OHMstalopithecus is the cutest little Cavemen and if you are lucky a cavewoman! Yes, that’s right, you have a chance to receive either a male or female Cave-person. You will find that the charm comes in a blind packaging and when you flip your OHMstalopithecus over you will find that this bead is anatomically correct and even has a booty hole. He or she has huge cute feet, is covered in long hair with pieces tousled upon the top of his or her head. For a weapon this cave-person is holding his or her trusty club. This is such a fun bead to add to a prehistoric bracelet. (Check back for measurements.) OHMstalopithecus retails for $55 / €57 / ฿2,100.

“This community of cave-dwelling primates was, perhaps, our human ancestors from the era of dinosaurs, or maybe not.

OHMSTAALOPITHECUS weren’t incredibly clever, yet evidence suggests that they did utilize some tools, particularly a large, studded, all-purpose club. This tool helped acquire meat for food, a weapon against rivals, or capturing a mate (used equally by all genders).

These folks were enthusiastic progenitors, loyal to clan and family, and strongly affected the prehistoric forests, dinosaur population, and even the climate itself. Some scientists speculate that dinosaurs went extinct because these hairy little critters were too fond of dinoburgers, roast dino, rack of dino, and dino nuggets. “ ~ OHM Beads

OHM Jurassic Chronicles is a fun dangle with three charms hanging from a bail made of sterling silver bones, the first dangle is a foot print, second being a tablet with a dinosaur skeleton on one side and on the other side are stick figures with different weapons, the third dangle is a claw or hook. (Check back for measurements.) Jurassic Chronicles retail for $60 / €62 / ฿2,210.

“Fossils, cave paintings, bones, claws, and footprints are some of the jigsaw puzzle pieces from the Jurassic period. Scientists carefully fit them together to build a portrait of dinosaur’s habits, personalities, and occupations.

Does the cave painting show a prehistoric hunt? Does the dinosaur fossil show a creature frozen in time or, perhaps, an X-ray of a Ms. Poda by Dr. Egosaurus? Does the curved claw indicate a raptor’s lethal weapon or a ruined manicure for Terry P. Dactyl during a tennis foursome? Does the dino footprint reveal migratory travels or a dinosaur friend tiptoeing barefoot in the rain to feel connected to nature?

Each item is another clue in uncovering the mysteries of the Jurassic Chronicles. “ ~OHM Beads

OHM Sara P. Poda PHD is of course, my favorite dinosaur. This vegan gentle giant is seen here munching on some leaves. This sterling silver bead is highly polished and reflective, her head curving over to one side with her tail wrapping around the same side. On the backside is just plain and you will find cute nail detailing on each massive foot. (Check back for measurements.) Sara P. Poda PHD retails for $60 / €62 / ฿2,210.

“SARA P. PODA, Ph.D. (she/her)

This colossal dinosaur was impressive among her peers, not only because she towered above the treetops, but because of her towering intellect as well, or so she thought.

Dr. Poda was proud of her Ph.D. in Education, destined to teach teachers how to teach.

Sara held firmly and proudly to her vegan diet — treetop salads were her favorite — and she has carefully collected some quite expensive items (she loves a necklace, but couldn’t abide a bracelet). Despite her fussiness, Sara was kind and thoughtful, slow and soft of speech and slow to anger. Sara was the kind of dinosaur who would send you a thank you card after sharing a mountain of fermented fruit.” ~ OHM Beads

OHM S.T. Egosaurus MD is a happy fella with his head curved down and to the side, you can even see the smile on his face. Again this sterling silver bead is polished and highly reflective, he has spikes along his back and tail. If you notice the hole on this bead is a bit different and goes in at an angle. This herbivore is perfect paired with Sara P. Poda PHD. (Check back for measurements.) S.T. Egosaurus MD retails for $50 / €52 / ฿1,900.


Due to his distinctive rows of broad, upright plates and his tail full of spikes, this dinosaur is one of the most recognizable and popular even to this day. And he knows it. Despite his relatively small head, Dr. T., as he wants to be called, possesses a mammoth ego — or as some of his colleagues might describe it, a God-complex — and he bristles at any criticism of his methodology.

Many believe that he developed his ridge of body armor specifically to ward off predators, critics, and bad press. Of course, the doctor is a strict vegetarian and health fanatic, and he views himself as svelte, handsome, and infallible. Still, the doctor is so charismatic that he remains popular anyway.

He is also a skilled and courageous physician, and even big, formidable dinosaurs come whimpering to see the good doctor when they are hurt or ill.” ~ OHM Beads

OHM Lohmbar and Sacrohm is available as a set or you can purchase the Lohmbar alone, but the Sacrohm is only available in the set. This is such a cool vertebrae set of the lumbar and the sacrum set in sterling silver. After some play I was able to figure out how to place them against each other to keep them in place on a bracelet. They do spin around some on a bracelet, but on a bangle you can tighten up the beads where they will sit up-right in place. Both beads have a matte finish with some oxidation as a detailed feature. (Check back for measurements.) . OHM Lohmbar and Sacrohm Set retails for $70 / €78 / ฿2,800 and the Lohmbar alone retails for $35 / €36 / ฿1,300.

“About 50,000 species of animals on our planet have a vertebral column (also called a backbone or spine). The most prominent of this group are the tetrapods, or four-legged creatures, including mammals and humans.

Each segment of the column is called a vertebra. Humans have thirty-three: seven in the Cervical spine (neck), a dozen in the Thoracic spine (connected to the ribs), five in the Lumbar spine (lower back), five vertebrae fused in the Sacrum (back of the hips), and finally four in the Coccyx (tailbone).

The study of dinosaur bones is an integral part of paleontology, and the word “backbone” is likewise a significant human metaphor for strength and character. We say that somebody is “the backbone of our company” or “they showed a lot of backbone changing careers like that.”

To honor all the times that you showed backbone, celebrate our new additions to the RAWR Collection. OHM is proud to offer this vertebrae bead. We at OHM prefer to call them the LOHMBAR & SACROHM. Collect a bunch and make your bracelet backbone!

SACROHM without connecting hook not available separately for use as an “end cap.” LOHMBAR includes a connecting hook to allow you to chain vertebrae together (LOHMBAR is available to purchase separately to extend your backbone).

Collect our dinosaurs, too, and remember that we build, one piece at a time, upon the backs of giants!” ~ OHM Beads

The latest set of three Rawr glass barrel beads are fabulous and will match the six previously released glass barrels both in size and aesthetically.

OHM Gondwana is my absolute favorite of the three new glass beads. This bead has so much texture and includes a raised stripes that goes around unevenly to give it even more texture and definition. This bead is an organic color of browns, hint of grey, golden ambery yellow with a little olive green and Navy with a tinge of purple. This is one bead you want to really explore to see all the details and mix of colors. Of course, this bead is a bit larger than the regular collection; however, it will be a similar size to the previously released Rawr Barrels. (Check back for measurements.) Gondwana retails for $45 / €47 / ฿1,700.

“Long before our current continents broke apart and took their present shape, several giant landmasses called our prehistoric planet dominated supercontinents.

When Rodinia’s supercontinent broke apart, the remaining pieces were named Baltica, Laurentia, Siberia, and the largest chunk — about one-fifth of the Earth’s surface — was called by geologists GONDWANA. Most of what is now Africa, South America, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, and Antarctica formed Gondwana about 550 million years ago until the Jurassic period 180 million years ago.

Gondwana saw the first plants begin to form, the first insects, the first trees, the first amphibians, and the beginning of the reign of dinosaurs by the Jurassic period. A fascinating time on planet Earth with lots and lots of “firsts.” OHM celebrates this era of prehistory explosion of life on land with a beautiful glass bead called GONDWANA.

You can see the ripples of life trickling over the land and, with them, the first creatures crawling from the sea to fill their places in the animal kingdom. Celebrate all of your important “firsts” with GONDWANA on your bracelet! ~ OHM Beads

OHM Rodina is an earthy tone barrel glass bead with shades ranging from yellow, tan and dark brown. This bead has the same matte rough texture as the other Rawr beads and complements the colors in Gondwana. All three beads are a similar size. (Check back for measurements.) Rodina retails for $45 / €47 / ฿1,700.

“Before Pangaea, before Gondwana, there was a time when a huge, icy supercontinent covered our prehistoric planet that geologists have dubbed RODINIA, from the Russian родить, formed around 1.3 billion years ago (yes, that’s billion with a “b”).

Lifeforms had not yet crawled from the sea in those bygone eons, so Rodinia was pretty much barren, covered mostly by glaciers, volcanoes, mountains, and bare Earth. Nonetheless, this is where it all began; so, we celebrate this supercontinent, ripe with potential, with our glass pearl RODINIA.

You can see the raw Earth and rock ready to spring forth with life! Every new beginning has endless possibilities. Look how far Earth has traveled! There’s no telling how far you could go!” ~ OHM Beads

OHM Pangaea is the perfect addition to this set. This barrel glass bead is the same texture with shades of grey, brown and black , some even look like they have a hint of navy blue mixed in. Of course, it is the same size as the other, but slightly larger than regular OHM Barrels. (Check back for measurements.) Pangaea retails for $45 / €47 / ฿1,700.

“Prior to our present continental plan, Pangaea, the last of the great supercontinents, born of previous giant landmasses, fused to form one vast island of life. PANGAEA, from the greek PAN meaning all or whole, and GAIA, Mother Earth, stretched from pole to pole and centered on the equator.

Fossil evidence for Pangaea includes identical species of plants and animals found great distances apart on separate continents. Continuity of mountain ranges is further evidence: the Appalachian Mountain chain continues in Ireland, Britain, Greenland, and Scandinavia because it was once one continuous range!

Around 175 million years ago, Pangaea began the first of three major break-ups that eventually gave shape to the separate continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Antarctica that we know today. Since the dinosaurs didn’t go extinct until 66 million years ago, the era of Pangaea saw their mighty reign under a lush landscape of foliage and insect life.

And so we praise the penultimate period of the prehistory past with a perfectly pleasant pearl called PANGAEA. Notice all the volcanic topography in glass, richly textured with thriving lifeforms, each struggling to grow. As you evolve, you never know your final form, though isn’t the journey worth it?” ~ OHM Beads

As you can see the new Rawr glass Mixes well with the Rawr Dragon glass beads. I really wish I had the first set, too. This will be a repeat bracelet for me, as I love these beads together in this composition. I normally don’t keep bracelets together as I like to play and come up with new designs, but will repeat favorite designs.

Opps, I just realized that Terry P. Dactyl ESQ is missing from this article, but don’t worry, I will update with up-close photos and details. He is a dangle and you can see him in play as the lock of this bracelet.

These herbivores are snacking on some greenery in this composition.

In this bangle we have unearth some bones!

Ice Age! This OHMstalopithecus looks a bit cold, brrr. Perfect with the Ice Cube bead, an exclusive from OHM Thailand.

Overall, this is a fabulous collection! So much fun to play with and if you have children I’m sure they will be amazed by these beads, too.

All are available today at links below and on the OHM Beads Website.

Please note, that Europe is going through some changes as Frank OHM moves on to new adventures and OHM is on the hunt for a new Distributor. In the meantime OHM will be working directly with shops in Europe, so you can still get your preorders, please check with your stores on any delays in shipping.

Featured Ohm Beads Retailers

(Alphabetical order – click on retailers name)

Perlen – Ships Globally from Denmark
Pianeta Beads – Ships Globally from Italy
Sperky S Pribehem -Ships Globally from Czech Republic
Star Bijou – Ships Globally from Germany
Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this release, so please leave me a comment below ❤



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  1. Well I definitely still a big fan of the sabretooth skull, its fabulous. Really helpful to see the glass IRL and in comparison to other beads because the colours are very different from the promo pictures – thanks for the great review Paula!

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