Trollbeads Meadow Moments Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of a portion of the Trollbeads Meadow Moments Collection.

Friday saw the release of the Autumn Collection “Meadow Moments” from Trollbeads and today I have a review of a portion of this release. You can see the entire release on the Trollbeads USA Website. As I add more from this release to my collection, I will share them here with you all, but I hope this review helps you in your shopping and wishlist endeavors. I will share a video for a full look soon on the Beadsaholic YouTube Channel.

I am starting this review off with my absolute favorite silver bead from this release, the Trollbeads Scary Cat Bead, which reminds me of the Cheshire the cat from Alice in Wonderland. Especially the Tim Burton version. I love the details of the eyes and the teeth, which gives this bead so much character. When I first saw photos of this bead, I thought it was going to be a large bead, but it’s actually only about 13 mm in size, so it fits nicely between beads and is easy to work into a composition. Scary Cat Bead is made of sterling silver and retails for $61.

The Trollbeads Wine Goddess Bead is a sterling silver head with a joyful feminine face, with grape vine leaves for hair. This bead threads from the top to the bottom of the bead for easy use on a fantasy necklace or bracelet. This bead is a nice size that is about 14 – 15 mm wide. Wine Goddess retails for $72.

Trollbeads Wine Divine Bead is such an adorable bead made of sterling silver that has a grape leaf motif around the bead and on one side there is a small head which reminds me of a cherub and a swirl-like design below. This bead is around 13-14 mm which makes it perfect anywhere on a bracelet between stone or glass. Wine Divine retails for $50.

In this release there are two glass kits, a regular kit Meadow Life and a faceted kit Flower Life. They are sold individually and are available in kits of six. We will take a look at the faceted Flower Life kit first. This kit retails for $305.

The Trollbeads Sunflower Fantasy Bead is my favorite of the glass beads. I adore the peachy pink core of this bead with the beautiful yellow and orange flowers and what looks to be dark green leaves placed throughout. This beautiful faceted bead has a solid sterling silver classic core. Sunflower Fantasy Bead retails for $61.

The Trollbeads Wildflowers Bead has a very 70’s hippie vibe with the use of brown, tan, yellow, green and blue tones used throughout this bead, which makes it a striking design that really stands out. With more time and play, I would like to play with the colors of this bead and see if I can create more of a 70’s inspired bracelet or bangle. This bead is faceted and a standard size. Wildflowers retails for $61.

Trollbeads Blossom Blue Bead is perfect for the winter months with its steel blue tones and brown swirl core and nice beautiful blue flowers around this bead. It is faceted and a standard size. Blossom Blue Bead retails for $61.

Trollbeads Meadows Bead is a beautiful black base bead with deep wine colored petals that are outline in what looks to be a pale pink, the center is a nice shade of orange and you will find green with blue leaf like designs around this bead, alongside the flowers. Meadows is faceted and retails for $61.

Trollbeads Rippling Water Bead is such a stunning bead with shades of teal, blue, and brown swirled throughout. This is one bead I can’t wait to see what the variations of stock will look like. Rippling Water is a faceted bead and retails for $61.

Trollbeads Rays of Sunset is a similar design to Rippling Water, but in shades of yellow and browns. I really love this bead in a combination with the Rippling Water and Morning Mist, these three look so good together. I think you will find that this bead will match many of the previously released autumn glass and will mix nicely with Amber. This is a standard size faceted bead and retails for $61.

The second glass kit in this release is the Trollbeads Meadow Life Kit. The kit retails for $250; however, you can purchase each bead individually.

The Trollbeads Butterfly Bliss Bead is just so beautiful. I love the beautiful transparent amethyst base color of this bead with a side view of butterflies going around this bead. You can see the body in black and one beautiful large wing with shades of blue, teal, lime and purple. I love how the color mix together. Butterfly Bliss retails for $50.

The Trollbeads Flower Seduction Bead has such a tropical vibe with its beautiful teal base with swirls of white lines mixed in and beautiful pink flowers with touches of blue and a beautiful bubble center. This is such a gorgeous bead and will be perfect to chase away those winter blues! Flower Seduction retails for $50.

Trollbeads Flower Pride Bead is a beautiful black base bead with stunning purple to pink flowers and a bubble center. I love this type of flower glass bead and it will fit nicely in with similar previously released designs in different colors. I need more, I’d love a bracelet full! The Flower Pride Bead retails for $50.

The Trollbeads Butterfly Wink Bead is a white base bead with clear glass and a deep wine and blue butterfly. I am curious to the variants in this design. Butterfly Wink retails for $50.

Trollbeads Swirl Surprise Bead is surely a surprise, after taking a close up photo of this bead, I found all its beautiful peacock like colors and hurricane like swirl in the middle. Though, I didn’t think I would be excited as much about this bead, I actually find the colors beautiful. The Swirl Surprise bead retails for $50.

The Trollbeads Morning Mist Bead is such a cool bead that matches the Rays of Sunset and Rippling Water, so nicely. I love the base of yellow and cream swirly lines and buds in both teal and yellow. This bead will add so much texture to a bracelet design. The Morning Mist Bead retails for $50.

In this release Trollbeads introduce four new jumbo orb shaped stones, that are close to 14 mm. There is a Black Cat’s Eye, Cat’s Eye (golden color), Red Tiger Eye and the one I have is the Trollbeads Jumbo Yellow Tiger Eye. I am always happy to see new stones in any release. The Tiger Eye is a stone of protection, and helps ward off negativity. This Yellow Tiger Eye retails for $61.

It’s been a while since Trollbeads released any Earrings into their collection and I am happy to see these super cute Trollbeads Wine Hoops! I love these half hoop earrings with grape vine leaves in sterling silver. These are a nice size hoop that are perfect dressed up or when wearing them casually. I could see these as an every day pair of earrings. These Wine Hoops retail for $105.

In this release there are two new pendants, I have the Trollbeads Foliage Pendant which is a stunning glass orb with beautiful deep orange petals. It is hanging from a silver clasp like base that clips onto the changeable Fantasy Necklace. It also works perfectly on a bangle or bracelet. I’ve been wearing it on my bangle this weekend. This Foliage Pendant retails for $94.

There are four new clap in this release and I am sharing two of the clasps here with you today.

This is actually my favorite of the two and I swear this one should have been named Focus, but it is actually the Trollbeads Grapes Clasp! The design looks abstract which makes it so cool and versatile. The Grapes Clasp retails for $72.

This is the second lock and is the Trollbeads Clasp of Focus. On one side it has Tiger eye and on the other side has a grape like design. Perfect to finish off your Autumn bracelet. Clasp of Focus retails for $83.

Now for some inspiration! Of course, I’ll have more bracelet designs I’ll share on social media soon. So, be sure you are following me on Instagram and Facebook.

In this first bracelet I was going for a fall mix of peachy and yellow tones. All beads are Trollbeads.

A simple bangle playing off the shades of blue.

I absolutely love these colors and this bracelet! My favorite Autumn colors to wear, are actually shades of plum.

Now you see, why these three glass beads go so well together.

Loving these new beads with the Rubies.

Autumns colors at their finest! The pendant is so versatile.

This has been on my wrist all weekend! Love it! All are Trollbeads with the exception of the OHM Stoppers (Save 10% off your OHM Beads order of $50 + with code PAULA) and Manterra carved rose.

Another favorite and I wore this bangle most of the week. I absolutely love these three new beads!

I took more than one wrist shot and just love these beads together.

I felt the need to take a back of the wrist photo.

Overall, this is a fabulous release! Each bead will fit perfectly into any collection and not just for autumn months! These colors and designs will mix well all year.

If you would like to shop the new Trollbeads Collection, you can find this release at the following featured links.

In the USA 

Trollbeads USA – ships only within the USA

Brown Dog Antiques – ships from the USA 

Trollbeads Gallery – ships worldwide 

Swiss Flower & Gifts – ships worldwide

In Europe 

Trollbeads Official – ships within Europe 

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this release? Are there any must have beads? Leave me a comment below

Hugs and Love, 


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